Veteran’s Day…Remember Them and Thank them!


Aches, Pains and Parades

Well, I am happy to report that things are going better with the new job.  I’m starting to become acclimated to more normal hours, as well as getting the hang of the new routine at a new facility.   The only real complaint I have right now is that my back absolutely kills me at the end of the day.  I haven’t hurt like this since I started out as a CNA.  I will certainly be glad when I finally get used to the different work and my back stops hurting:(   Thankfully, ibuprofen helps alot with the pain, so I am able to save the muscle relaxers and pain meds for at home.  I am ever so grateful that I don’t work more than four days in a row (unless I decide to  pick up some overtime).

Last Saturday, our Cub Scout pack participated in the local Veteran’s Day Parade.  I have no idea why it was scheduled a week in advance, but it was and we were there:)


K5 Learning

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New job, day 2

So, I am slowly warming up to the new job.  Today was my second day out on the floor and while the work is a different, it’s still hard and it’s still in a nursing home:(   Nursing homes are sad places to work.   For now, I will work and concentrate on the good stuff..like coming home at 2 every day and spending time with my kids and enjoy doing things for them and with them in the afternoons.   After the first of the year, I am going to start exploring different employment avenues.

First, though, let me show you some pictures of what we did yesterday evening…after I took  a nap in my recliner LOL

















A new job

Today I started a new job!  I am still a CNA, at a nursing home..but now, I am working at a different nursing home on a day shift!  I am so excited to be away from the other home and job that I just about can’t stand myself LOL   I knew I was unhappy where I was, but I didn’t really grasp the depth of how unhappy I was until I left.  I am so excited to be working from 6am – 2pm!  The duties involved in my new job will be a little different than what I am used to but I am looking forward to the change and the challenge!  I am also looking forward to a set schedule.  This means a more stable and routine existence for the kids and me.  The only downside  I see at the moment is the pay is a little less than what I was getting  BUT there is plenty of opportunities to make it up in overtime..so I guess it really isn’t that bad!  So..yay me! :)

So, being the responsible day worker that I am now, I put on boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cream of chicken soup in the crockpot to cook all day, just so I wouldn’t have to worry about supper tonight.  My plan had been to serve it over rice or mashed potatoes.  That is, until the kids informed me that they LIKE chicken and dumplin’s and that that is what they thought I had been cooking all day:(  (My childhood memories of chicken and dumplin’s is horrific at best and I had no idea my kids even liked them!) Being the super mom that I am, I quickly scoured the webz for a quick, easy, and (hopefully) delish dumplin’ recipe.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ree over at The Pioneer Woman had a recipe that sounded pretty good.   You can find that recipe here.  I modified it just a little bit.  Instead of using half and half, I used 3/4c. buttermilk and 3/4c. 2% milk and white cornmeal instead of yellow.    I then just dropped the dumplin’s in the crockpot and simmered on high for about 30  minutes.  It was so good the kids pretty  much just licked the crockpot clean LOL   I will warn you, though, the dumplin’s spread out during the cooking process so it is possible to make them pretty small and still have a decent sized dumplin’ when you are done.

This has probably been one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time:))


Happy Birthday, Hugh Jackman!

43 never looked so good:)


























































Our newest family member:)

Our kitty cat,  Hyde, has been missing for nearly three weeks.  While I secretly hope and pray  that another family mistook her for a stray and has taken her in, I am afraid she has met an untimely end.   Needless to say, the kids have taken it pretty hard, but it hit Bubba hardest of all.   I didn’t realize how hard he had taken the absence of our Hydey kitty until a new kitten showed up here yesterday!  Yes, that weird cat Murphy’s law kicked in yesterday and deposited a wormy, flea bitten, skinned up runt of a kitten in our yard.  Don’t get me wrong..it is adorable.  I just didn’t want another cat right now.  Mostly because I am hoping Hyde will still come home.  Being the good citizen I am, I put in a call and email to a local no kill shelter about taking in this little guy.  Unfortunately,  they have not called back and now it is too late.  We are officially keeping it.  It is sleeping in our laundry room as I type this.  The kids named it “Scarface” and tomorrow will involve bathing, deworming and the purchasing of a litter box and litter.



Before we discovered Scarface, we found Mr. Turtle.  We rescued him from certain death in the middle of the road..only to find out that it is illegal in the state of TN to keep any wildlife as a pet, especially the state reptile!  Mr. Turtle is a box turtle and is pretty dadgum cute!  Tomorrow, we will return him to the area where we found him and re release him.  No worries, we won’t leave him in the road:)  You would think it would be easy photographing a turtle but his guy was camera shy and FAST!

Anyone care to guess what this is? :


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