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I have no idea…..

I really don’t.   I want to write a witty, upbeat blog post but that is kinda hard to do whenever your life feels like it’s in the crapper most of the time.  I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but “life” for me is just not where I want it to be, KWIM?  I have some okay days, a few pretty good days, but mostly they are just same ole same ole days..which just isn’t that great.     Work is pretty much sucking the life and fun out of me and try as I might to counteract that, I feel kinda like that little Dutch boy with his finger in the dam, except what started out as one leak has turned into a whole dam full of leaks and not enough fingers and no help in sight.    I keep hoping this is just some kind of midlife crisis thing and that one morning I’m gonna wake up and the sun will be shining and the birds will be singing and I can go back to being the happier person I was.  Truthfully…much bigger part of me believes that this is not the case and that really depresses and scares the hell out of me.  I’m not even gonna start in on the guilt trip I got going on concerning the kids.

I have started taking a few baby steps to make things better.  I am making a conscious decision to “be happier”…well, okay maybe not happier but, at least, less bitchier.  I’m not always very successful, but I’m getting there.    I have also made the decision to start incorporating things that I like to do back into my least on a weekly basis.   It’s pretty easy to break the camera out a couple days a week, but I have starting digging thru my craft boxes, looking for projects to do.   This is about the time of the year when I like to start crocheting and knifty knitting again.    Who all needs some homemade dishcloths and hats? LOL

I have also decided that regardless of whether or not I have happy happy joy joy stuff to share, I am going to dust off this blog and start posting again.   So, you have been warned:)

Just to kick things up a notch, here is a picture I took of the way interesting mushrooms that have sprouted up  next to the front porch.   Actually it’s two pix..what they looked like yesterday and what they look like today.  Welcome to my life;)











It’s that time of year again….

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Work, work, work..that is all I do lately.   Working the crazy schedule I have, along with the fact that I work third shift, makes the days just slip on by.   It’s not hard at all for me to lose weeks at a time like that:(  Things at work are pretty much the same.  I’ve been at the nursing home for nearly a year!  The drama there continues but I keep my head down, do my job and come home.  Thankfully, it seems my body has finally adjusted to all the lifting and such and I even have mornings now that I can actually stand up and walk straight after I get  home lol!

I really have to make a concentrated effort to keep up my photography.  I still have lots of stuff over on Fine Art America.  I have sold one print there, which I am still totally stoked about LOL   I have also submitted some of my photographs to Customized Walls.   I’ve kinda hit a wall lately.  My laptop died over a week ago and I’ve had to rely on my old(er) desktop for the editing of my photographs.  I actually cried when I realized my laptop was gone:(  I had no idea how much I really relied on it til it was gone.  Of course, I was sick to think of all the photographs and files I thought were lost forever.  Thankfully, Jackie’s BF, Beau, was able to remove the hard drive and salvage the pictures and the important stuff for me.  I miss the convenience of sitting in the living room working on stuff.

The kids are doing well.  I bought Bubba and Katie one of the smaller soft sided pools w/a pump.   I have totally gotten my money’s worth out of that!  They have even managed to harangue me into getting in it with them a time or two LOL   They’ve had a pretty good summer between the pool and their weekend at the lake with Jackie and Beau:)

With all the hot, wet weather we have had my garden looks pitiful.  It didn’t help any that most of the stuff we planted from seed didn’t come up.  So, really all I have that might be worth salvaging are my tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  My mom’s garden, on the other hand, has been going gangbusters and looks great!  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit envious:)  Of course, if I hadn’t turned into such a vampire from my work schedule, mine might not be so grassy..but who knows?  I do know that I have no intention of weeding a garden in the middle of the day with 95 degree plus temps, of course weeding was never my strong suit anyway.  I have a feeling this will be my last garden for awhile.

So, here we are.  Still plugging along without much of a change.  I hate ruts.


Can you help a sista out?

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Garden update

The tiller is definitely not working.  My hopes for it just needing a little rest were shattered:(  But the kids and I went ahead and planted the garden anyway.  We have 20 tomato plants, a combination of 8 hot/sweet peppers,  6 cucumber plants (and several more seeds planted), 6 squash, 6 zucchini, 4 rows of green beans, a row of okra, 4 rows of peas, 2 rows of sunflowers and 5 rows of sweet corn.  I’ve got some mulch down around the tomatoes and am trying to get some strawbales to finish up the mulching of the garden.  I’ll be posting pics of the garden as soon as I get it all mulched up and looking pretty:)  Right now, it looks a little rough lol


Hello Beautiful!

As in, beautiful weather…finally!   After a bit of a cold snap, we are finally lined up to get some pretty, warm weather for the next few days.  The kids and I have started working on the garden.  Really, we started last week.   We got the garden mostly tilled up before my tiller decided to go tits up.  I don’t know what is wrong with it but the tines will not turn when put into that gear.  They actually quit working in the middle of tilling.   I kinda hoped maybe it was just tired and need to rest since we had run it pretty hard for a couple of hours.   I guess it was more than a little tired since I tried it again today…and no luck..the tines won’t work:(   Which really isn’t a problem for the plants I have to get in the ground cause I can go ahead and plant those and mulch the hell out of them to keep the weeds out.  The tiller not working really puts a crimp in the stuff that has to be planted in rows (beans, peas, etc).  I was really relying on my tiller to help keep the weeds down between the rows.  I’m pretty sure I can’t afford the amount of mulch I’ll need to mulch the entire garden!   I am gonna go ahead and plant everything by and do my best to figure out something to do about the weeds.

Katie and Bubba running the tiller:

I also sold my first print thru FineArtAmerica a couple of days ago!  I am so very excited!  I’ve gotten alot more  hits on my photographs since then, so I am really hoping more of them sell:)

Today is also Katie’s 10th birthday!!  I just can’t believe it’s been 10 years already.  That’s all I’m gonna say ’cause if I keep on, I’m gonna make myself cry.  I’m really gonna try and remember this feeling when she busts out that tweenie attitude with me.  It might just keep her alive long enough to celebrate her 18th birthday LOL



I sold my first print on FineArtAmerica!   This sale has resulted in a few more folks coming by the site and looking at my pictures, which I certainly hope results in another sale!  Now, I’ve gotta get busy and get some new pics up.  It would be so very very awesome if this turned into a nice little side business!  Keep your fingers crossed:)  The print I sold can be found here.


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